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COVID-19 from 2nd December

On the 2nd December the government will replace the already tightened national lockdown restrictions December with a similar pre lockdown regionally-differentiated approach, where different tiers of restrictions apply in different parts of the country.

These tiers will be strengthened compared to the previous tiers in order to prevent a return to growing infections. It is known that social contact spreads the virus therefore these measures need to be imposed. The toughest measures will only affect the areas where the virus is most prevalent or where there are significant increases in the rate of infection.



The government is committed to ensuring the right levels of intervention in the right places to manage outbreaks, suppress the virus and keep the R level below 1.

There are 3 tiers for local restrictions:

You will be able to use the postcode checker to find out the restrictions in your area or an area you plan to visit. The NHS COVID-19 app will be updated on 2nd December.

The new rules will come into effect from the beginning of Wednesday 2nd December.

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