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Motor Fleet Audit – Guidance Tips

A large company motor fleet that encompass Heavy Goods Vehicles, Vans and Private Cars (including Cars registered to Directors) usually have cover arranged on a quarterly or half yearly declaration basis.

Insurers set the opening fleet premium per vehicle based upon the Motor Insurers Database (M.I.D). Premium adjustments are made at each quarter. Large companies can afford to employ a ‘fleet manager’ with experience of day to day running systems. Many incorporate such responsibilities into other ‘admin’ jobs.

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When a fleet goes sour, due to adverse claims Insurers usually call for an audit by using an outside company experienced in analysing reasons for the deterioration. Whether a particular employee is responsible for too many accidents for example. Recruitment of drivers is looked into during the audit.

In particular, whether potential employees/drivers are put on an internal driving test. This can only be undertaken if the company employs its own examiner or at least someone who has been on a suitable course. Audits of a 200 vehicle fleet could potentially take up to 2 hours. Often such audits are outsourced and the auditor attending is often an experienced fleet manager who can offer advice and guidance on any procedural changes that will bring about improvements in fleet profitability.



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