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Independent Financial Advice

At Courtprice, our service is built on a dedication to professionalism and integrity, which has seen our business grow almost exclusively by acquisition and referrals from highly satisfied clients. We are committed to the concept of pure Independent Financial Advice and believe in the importance of delivering a tailor-made personal service that is enhanced by our emphasis on communication and a hands-on-approach.

Currently, there are two “types” of Financial Adviser. They are either Independent or Restricted and there is an important distinction between the two. Courtprice chose to remain Independent because we believe that it is important that we are not restricted in any way at the point we recommend a product or fund to clients. Whilst we may not believe certain types of investment are suitable for clients, because of their structure or inherent risks, it is important that we are fully aware of them, understand the circumstances where they may be relevant and can advise you appropriately if you already holds such investments. Thus, retaining our ability to provide advice that is not compromised in any way is at the core of our service proposition.

Our charges, that can be seen in our Client Agreement (copy available on request) are generally deemed to be lower than what we perceive is the standard and you will never be charged a fee without knowing and agreeing to it in advance. Nothing is hidden, communications are clear and in plain English, and our commitment to treating our customers fairly is primary.

Should you engage us to assist you, you will find the advisory journey refreshingly enjoyable with a human, sympathetic touch, as well as professional and thorough.

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