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Income Protection

Protected From The Unexpected?

If illness or injury prevented you from working, how would you cope with the resulting loss of earnings? The bills still need to be paid and your outgoings don’t stop just because your income does.

Income Protection, sometimes known as Permanent Health Insurance, is designed to help protect your financial commitments, with tax-free monthly payments should you be unable to work due to illness or accidental injury which results in a loss of earnings.

The most common statement is, “well, it’s not likely to happen to me is it?”

Think again. No-one likes to think they’ll lose their income through illness or injury – but it does happen. Last year, there were over 2.4 million people aged between 18-64 claiming incapacity benefit Of those, over 80% were claiming for more than 6 months and 40% claiming for more than 5 years. (source: Dept of Work & Pensions, April 2008).

What if you’d been one of them? The self-employed or sole trader are potentially most vulnerable, with their earnings at great risk from their inability to undertake their trade or occupation. You most likely insure your home contents, your holidays and perhaps even your pets. Isn’t it more important to insure the very thing that creates the finance to pay for all these – YOU?

We work with our clients to assess suitability, viability and then source the most appropriate contract for their needs. It is a complex market and there are many aspects of this type of insurance that need a trained and independent eye to assess. Not all policies out there are either suitable or appropriate.

So, give Courtprice a call and our friendly professional team will be delighted to guide you.

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