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Inheritance Tax

In our opinion, Inheritance tax (IHT) is probably the most disliked of all direct taxes. This is because it is a stealth tax imposed at death on assets that have generally already suffered tax in the life of the person who earned those assets. In addition, most people wish to ensure what they have accumulated in terms of assets, is passed on to their beneficiaries in full. To have a large slice of this taken away as tax is, for most, unpalatable. Naturally, people wish to avoid such taxes.

There are a number of options available to those who believe they, or more specifically, their beneficiaries, are likely to be adversely affected by IHT when death occurs.The complexity of this field requires that most people will need to seek Independent Financial and Taxation Advice.

We at Courtprice can help. We can work in conjunction with your own tax advisers or bring in our specialists, to assess your situation, objectives and circumstances and issue fully independent advice on the best route forward. It need not be the case that you need to spend money to address the matter and neither do you necessarily have to give assets away.

Seek advice and find out for yourself what the options are. Our friendly and professional team here at Courtprice are keen to assist you.

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