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Moving Forward Post Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, we here at Courtprice held a staff meeting (no masks at that time) to discuss how the Business was going to handle/cope with the disruption the country was about to face. Little did we know how extensive the problems would be or how affective the changes to our business practice would be received by our customer base. Just under a thousand firms nationally, all engaged in the construction/tradesman sector.

One of our youngest male members of staff suggested we should speak to all the clients as and when their insurances come up for renewal as we could evaluate their needs going forward. The idea has proven to be priceless.

Working through pandemic


We divided the client base into sole traders, SME/micro firms and large companies with over 100 staff. The reaction from the clients to our telephone approach was invaluable. Some had decided to take early retirement whilst others had locked tools away for a month or two as their customers did not want home/office visits. Some firms furloughed all staff and virtually closed down for three months, believing the pandemic would be over by July 2020. What has been more surprising is that the vast majority stayed fully operational which in the main has been a great success!

Our young man has a great future ahead! We maintained 96% of our renewal base by making sure contact was made with every client. We were able to spread some premiums over a 10 month credit plan to help cashflow. The move enabled our clients to maintain their insurance coverage. Some of the larger clients we moved to a quarterly declaration basis so that premiums were being reviewed every few months.

Service levels from insurance companies has been very poor during the pandemic. All senior staff working from home has made getting in touch with them very difficult. Over the last month or so we have seen things getting back to a more acceptable level of service from the Insurers.

The design and construct sector which includes woodworkers, plumbers, electricians has gone through a tough time in the last year, not seen however by many Insurers who are openly admitting to not wishing to encourage growth in this area of business. Several have already imposed minimum premium levels and stricter Policy conditions. Premium increases for 2021/22 for tradesman liability are being predicted at levels of 20% plus. One major Insurer refusing Product Liability for sole traders.


We are whole of market brokers who give advice. Many of our competitors do not.

Our team has been available throughout the pandemic and our office always open.


Please get in touch with us on 0121 447 7555 or if you have any questions.


Ron Berry

Managing Director

Courtprice Limited

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