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Protecting your Premises over Winter

Having an adequate alarm system installed and adhering to basic security advice can deter most thieves from entering your premises.

In the event of a break in, most basic alarm systems will trigger an audible or visual alarm.  For better protection, many insurers insist upon a monitored alarm system; this system will not only react with a physical alarm, but it will also notify emergency responders of the situation as well as signal a phone of a listed member of staff.


protect your club

We  recommend the following steps:

  • Establish the alarm requirements with your Insurance Company. This will ensure you are covered for any break in claim.


  • Seek advice perhaps through local law enforcement.


  • Make sure to hire a certified and competent alarm installer to fit the alarm.


  • Learn how to use your alarm system properly – ensure all necessary staff have training in setting the alarm, and regular tests should be carried out.


  • The alarm must be set every time the club is vacated. Note that if the alarm is faulty the premises must be occupied until the alarm is fixed and can be set without fault.


Security advice


  • Minimise the amount of cash you keep on the premises.


  • Make frequent pick-ups of money from tills and make regular bank deposits – employees in charge of making bank deposits should always be alert for strangers lingering at the bank. If in doubt, do not make the deposit while a suspicious person is in the area.


  • Always ensure that any money in transit to the bank or elsewhere is accompanied by the relevant number of able bodied persons as required by your Insurance Policy.


  • Install a good quality safe – be sure it is fireproof and securely anchored. It should be kept in plain view;   and the combination should be changed when an employee who had access leaves your business.  THE KEYS TO THE SAFE MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE PREMISES OUT OF BUSINESS HOURS OR PLACED WITHIN A LOCKED SAFE OR STRONGROOM THE KEYS TO WHICH ARE THEMSELVES REMOVED FROM THE BUSINESS PREMISES.


Internal and External

  • Upgrade the security on your doors.


  • Windows should be secured by locks, metal grates and burglar-resistant glass is also ideal.


  • Always use interior and exterior lighting.


  • Placing CCTV in Public Areas of the club.


  • Keep a record of who has keys to the club. Make sure this is documented and no copies are made without permission.


  • If a visitor is entering the club, i.e. to do work or to take a meter reading, be sure to double check their id card.


  • Be sure to change the alarm code if a member of staff (in charge of setting the alarm) leaves employment.
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