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Why use Courtprice?

With price comparison sites, it has become increasingly easy to log on and get a quote in minutes. However going through an insurance broker like Courtprice is just as easy! Comparison sites merely provide generic cover, without discussing in depth parts that unbeknown to you, may be required for you business.

By filling in a generic form provided by a comparison site, there will always be grey areas that may in the case of a claim, mean the insurer will not pay out as much as you needed, or worse, not at all!



We know the right questions to find out about you or your business. We also find insurance for specialist businesses and are experts in our field. Why fill in a complicated comparison site form when you can simply have a chat with a member of our team?



With our business being established for over 35 years we are specialists in Insurance Broking, especially for the cover we provide and quote for.



Cheap DOES NOT mean good cover! We provide the best cover at competitive premiums. Why pay cheap and potentially have a policy that does not cover you? By calling us and being one of our clients, we can ensure you have suitable cover that fits your business.


We pride ourselves in providing a personal and friendly service endeavoring to provide a ‘sleep easy’ environment for our clients.

We will guide you through the whole process, including any claims you make. We will also try to get to grips with your company as much as possible, including visiting you on site, so we are in a position to advise you. As mentioned, we are personal, and care about your business insurance needs.

Courtprice gives you peace of mind with friendly service, professional outlook and a personal touch.



Courtprice specialise in Contractors insurance and Club Protector insurance and our long standing relationships with insurers mean we act on your behalf to find a policy specific to you.

Contact us if there is something you’re not sure about, or if there’s a policy you require that you can’t find online. We will be able to help, even if it’s just pointing you in the right direction.



We will always make sure you are provided with the insurance cover to suit your needs at a competitive premium. We have established relationships with insurance companies and work closely with them meaning you will never be out the loop.


If you want to talk about a policy or would like a quote, please get in touch with us on 0121 447 7555. Alternatively, fill out our contact form here.

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