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You get what you pay for!

Everything has a cost, and cheap does not necessarily mean good!

This also applies to Insurance cover. For low price policies you receive little in return in regards to cover, however when purchasing a Policy (like our Courtprice Contractors policy) we can provide you with peace of mind and security knowing that in the event of a claim, our Professional team will be by your side every step of the way.

Do not be fooled into believing you may have an insurance Policy covering you for everything at a budget price.  This will never be the case.

Comparison sites will not provide you with the expert knowledge that our team has, nor will it run you through the Insurance jargon used within policies that you may not understand.


We have ‘health checked’ many insurance policies that clients have asked for our opinion on, stating the policy is like for like cover with ourselves for a cheaper premium, unaware of the conditions within the budget policy which could catch them out in the event of a claim!

Do not fall into the trap of purchasing a policy merely based on the cheap premium, always make sure the cover is accurate to your needs!

If you wish to talk with ourselves regarding this, simply call our team on 0121 447 7555.

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