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Insurances and Sub-Contractors

There has always been confusion as to whether or not you, the main Contractor, should take out insurance if passing work to Sub-Contractors. We hope that the following notes are of assistance. Read More »

Club Protector Insurance

Our facility has been extended to accommodate Sports Clubs including football clubs/grounds in the soccer pyramid with a maximum attendance of 3000. Read More »

The Insurance Act 2015

The Insurance Act 2015 takes effect on 12th August 2016 and applies to all commercial insurance policies.

Courtprice Limited, Insurance Advisers to the Association have built up contacts over many years with Legal Firms and one Firm in particular, BLM, the UK and Ireland’s leading risk and insurance law firm.

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Proud to be Representing the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA)

We at Courtprice Limited are well aware of the massive technical development that has taken place at the BMA over the last few years.

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Cheap Public Liability Insurance Quotes Flooding the Market

Many of the Public Liability quotations we have viewed over the last three months, in our opinion, do not provide the full extent of cover necessary to protect the Professional Plumber.

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Workplace Pensions

If you are an SME, it is likely your staging date (the date by which you must have a suitable pension scheme in place for your employees) is close now. For those businesses who are as yet to take any action, it is vital you do not leave it too late. Generally it is wise to start planning for implementing a pension scheme, which is a legal requirement, 12 months in advance of your specified staging date.

You can be fined if you do not adhere to the requirements and the Pension Regulator is now looking closely at those firms who may not have progressed matters correctly, or on time.

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Relevant Life – A new way for companies to approach death in service benefits.

If you are an employer, particularly a small to medium sized employer, you need to be aware of an alternative way of providing death benefits for employees, including Directors.

A Relevant Life Plan allows employers to give death-in-service benefits to their employees outside of a registered group life scheme. This type of plan could help high-earning employees who have substantial pension funds and don’t want their death-in-service benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance. It’s also useful for small businesses that don’t have enough eligible employees to justify a group life scheme.
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Employers Liability – ‘Myths and Misunderstandings’

Apart from compulsory Motor Insurance, Employers Liability is the only class of insurance that you must take out if you have employees, but what is an employee? If you ask most contracting firms, they will tell you that it is someone who is on PAYE and is certainly not an agency worker, a labour-only sub-contractor or anyone self employed.

It gets more confusing as many do not know the difference between a labour-only sub-contractor and a bona-fide sub-contractor. Employer’s Liability insurance states that the Insurers will indemnify the Insured (that’s the contractor policy holder) against legal liability against damages in respect of injury of any person employed caused during the period of insurance in the territorial limits. Arising out of and in the course of the employment by the Insured in the business. It then however goes on to give you the definition of what a person employed is.

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Motor Insurance – Fleet Risk Survey Reports

Insurers normally offer fleet rated policies on private cars/vans or commercial vehicles over five in total. Sometimes this is more expensive than the traditional individual premiums per vehicle basis as it depends upon the type of vehicle in the fleet.

If the fleet runs well and Insurers see low incident rates and a profit, it will not attract the attention of a pre-renewal audit. On the other hand, excessive numbers of accidents or incidents will flag up the need to have a fleet audit report.

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Energy Efficiency – Building Performance Insurance

From 2016 all Government related building contracts must be submitted in a BIM process. The system must be validated and monitored. There is a laid down process for delivering the Common Data environment in an open BIM format. BAS1192 sets out the responsibilities for the future. The employer will have an EIR (Employers Information Requirement) the BAS1192 also defines the process and there is a responsibility matrix for the project itself.

The whole BIM process is the collating and sharing of building data including new software for clash detection. The COBie data spreadsheets give a mathematical outline of the whole building project. It stands to reason therefore that Employers (owners/financiers of the project) may well be looking to the Architect and all the subsidiary contractors involved for some form of Insurance Backed Guarantee to support the projections of ongoing running costs into and past the handover period.

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